Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Teensy 3* Development Board & Arduino Shield

I needed a breakout board to access all the [Teensy]( 3 and 3.1 pins, and I needed a board to plug Arduino shields with the Teensy. This board is not "Teensy" small but has a lot of space to design many circuits. All the Teensy pins from #1 to #33, VBAT, Program, A14/DAC or Reset on Teensy 3.0 are connected.
Finally there is a lot of space left open for prototyping.
First I ordered a few boards for myself, and found them very useful to convert the unique breadboard prototypes I have for many projects around the house into more permanent installations. 

I thought this device could be a good candidate to experiment with Tindie, so I started a shop for it and will report about this adventure in e-commerce when I have a bit more feedback. There are a lot more details about this board in Tindie.
I sell on Tindie


  1. Dear sir,
    I am looking for a suitable Beaglebone proto/add-on cape with more space and flexibility for development.
    Fortunately, I just found your esteemed product on Tindie, "PCBs and accessories for PetitStudio products"( - an excellent design with P8/P9 signal replicate pins, the 6 debug headers, Serial, RGB, SOT23 & more space; but finally find out it connects all the row pin holes like a student breadbord- it severely limits components to add-on & capability for development.
    Can you cut those row connection lines out, and if possible also the GND & 3v3 lines' connections(consuming/wasting total 50 pin holes) by P8, to make it have more space & flexibility to use like the BeagleBone proto cape?
    By the way, I intend to order 5 pieces, or including 2x25 socket. Thank you in advance. Look forward to hearing your kind response.
    Best regards,
    p.s. my email:

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